Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today, as I was going to and from Burley for a library conference planning meeting, I spazzed out a little on the road. You see, it's been almost 4 months to the day (April 24, 2009) that I had my little accident, and by little, I mean, flipping my car. It was kinda traumatizing at the time (as one could imagine; hopefully you've never experienced it).

Earlier that month, I had my appendix out (it's an entertaining story -- well, except for the surgery part, which I'LL BE PAYING FOR UNTIL THE DAY I DIE -- but there are some funny things too. I'll blog about it later) and earlier in the week, I had another emergency stay for an abcess that developed (that was a pretty horrific night). Anyway, on that day, April 24, I was giving a presentation with my coworker in Pocatello. Stupidly I thought I was well enough to go. Well, on the way back, I fell asleep at the wheel (I'm blaming it on the good painkillers I had). Fortunately I only flipped my car once. I was wearing my seat belt (thankfully) and I only walked away with one small scratch on my arm and a bruise on my shin. Oh, and a completely totalled car (I busted out the passenger side windows and the back window, crunched the top of the car, and lost a wheel or two. Oh, and my rear view mirror came off too).

As I was traveling to Burley and getting closer to the accident site, the following thoughts began rambling in my head, over and over and over again: "I could have hit a pole." "I could have gone over that bridge, had I crashed just 30 seconds later." "I could have gone into the other lane of traffic." And so on and etc. Of course, that freaked me out a little bit, especially since I had a hard time ignoring the thoughts.

But here was one of the final thoughts I had: "You are so lucky to be alive." And I am. I don't know why I lived through it, but I sure am glad I did (as is Jared; the accident was a week before our wedding and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have liked being a widower before he was a husband). For whatever reason, God let me live that day, and for that, I will always be thankful.

Though I still wish I had my car Lucas.

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